2006 Deer Season !!!!  Maine's Expanded Archery Season! 
2006 Black Powder Season Buck!
Carol Belanger - Levant, Maine - 2006
I shot my buck on the morning of the last day of
black powder season. He dressed out at 180lbs.,as you can see an 8
pointer, he scored 164 2/8 with Boone and Crockett after the 60 days
drying time. This is my second buck shot during black powder season
Back from the Taxidermist and on Carol's Wall at Home!
A very deserving specimen indeed!
Carol Belanger Receiving her awards May 5th, 2007 Banquet!
Cassie Beal - Harrington, Maine
205 lbs, 8:00 in the morning! 
Casey's Third deer and First buck-  November 25th 2006 
with a  Interarms Mini Mark X  223cal. 
Cassie Beal - Harrington, Maine
With Damien her 3 ½  year old son.
Now that boy looks like a hunter too!
Congratulations Cassie!!!
Would you look at the Shovels on that Deer!

2007 Banquet!

Cassie Beal - Harrington, Maine
Ben Dodge - Damariscotta, Maine 
240 pounds, has a 28 inch inside spread, and 11& 13 inch brow tines.   It  green scored 198 and 1/8   non-typical.(  shot in New Castle, Maine
(waiting for official score.)
Ben Dodge's deer made Maine Mastic 2006
Edison Henderson -  Hartford, Maine
11 pointer in Nov. 2006 in Sumner Maine. 
It scored 145  2/8.  He shot it with his 308 rifle.  The deer weighed 192.
Mastic Score
2006 Expanded Archery Season Begins
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Aaron Henderson of Camden, Maine with helpers Ian and Julian

130 lb 8 point buck Shot @ 7:00 p.m. Saturday Sept 9th (Opening day) in
Rockland with Matthews Switchback @50 lbs & 100 grain thunderhead
broadheads.  20 yard shot (liver and lungs) 30 yard recovery. 
First archery buck!
Way to get those kids involved! Congratulations Aaron!

Mike Horning - Cape Neddick, Maine
Sept.11, 2006
95 lbs doe 
Wells ME - 20 yard shot
Dennis Theriault - Sanford, Me
9/18/2006 - 9:40AM
Doe 102 lbs about a 30 yard lung shot. Deer went 50 yards.
Congratulations Dennis!
Joshua Johnson - Kennebunk.Maine
Expanded Archery Season Doe
Sept 21st, 2006
David Sprague - Sanford, Maine
96 lb. doe,  spine-shot on 9/28/06 at 6:15 PM with a Browning Timberwolf
bow set at 72 lbs.  The arrow was a 2117 Easton game getter with a125
grain red fury broadhead.  Not a pretty kill........ 
Aaron Henderson of Camden, Maine with helpers Ian and Julian
A second deer from the same stand in Rockland.  18 yard shot, dropped 
where she stood and I was able to put a second arrow through her neck. 
She was dead before I could even get down from the tree.  Aaron, Ian, 
and Julian Henderson on a lucky Friday the 13th
Joshua Johnson - Kennebunk, Maine
2006 archery season 
hoyt at 8 yards
Kurt Datsis - York, Maine
four point buck, 115 pounds
2006 Expanded Archery Season
Hoyt bow at 20 yards 
With a little help from a friend!
More to Come! 
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 More to Come! 
Send us in Your 2006 season photos!
Send photos & stats
 Joshua Johnson - Kennebunk, Maine
2006 Expanded Archery season
3rd Archery Deer for Josh in 2006! Congratulations!
100 lb Doe...shot her at 5 yards with my vtec and 100 gr. muzzy 4 blade
Youth Day October 21, 2006
We want your Youth Day Photos!!!
Photos & Stats
 Dylan Cobbett, age 6. 
Button Buck was taken in southern NH 
Despite shaking lik a leave, he pulled the shot off at 91 yards.
 Dylan Cobbett , age 6, one horned spike was taken by
just outside Hemmingway, South Carolina. 

Super Dylan.. Congratulations.. Nice job!!

Tyler Fenderson 6 years old harvested his first Whitetail 
with his .223 at 75 yds in the hardwoods. Tyler spotted a doe and we were getting ready for a shot when this 9 point 180 lb buck decided to show up on the scene. Tyler quickly switched gears and with the aid of his predator shooting Styx's he made a perfect shot! The deer jumped up and ran 100 yds before he hit the dirt! Dad was shaking like a leaf with the excitement ! The best part was Tyler's hunt was captured all on film. He cant wait until next season! Thank the states that allow kids to hunt at a yearly age ! Tyler's best little hunting buddy Dylan was there for all the excitement . Dylan Scored on a fat old Doe the next day at 50yds ! The woods and the critters in them better be looking out for these two young men! 
Tyler and Dylan

Nice work Nathan! You are a young man's Dream Dad!

12 year old Cole Boston - Wells, Maine 
with his first deer shot on youth day.
Way to go Cole! 

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13 year old Mckayla Gastia - Milford,Maine 
shot her first deer a 114 lb spike horn buck at 80 yrd's with her model seven Remington 7mm-08 140 grain pointed soft point, free handed directly in the chest, the deer was facing her and dropped in its tracks.
Super JOB!!! Mckayla... 
Take a Trip Out of State????
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Jay Wagner - Lebanon , Maine
The week of Oct 16th, 2006
6  pointer - 165 lbs live weight.
 30-06 at about 80 yards
Jay harvested a button buck on this trip as well.
 N. Carolina with Conman's outfitter
Dan Rosa & Steve Beckwith's
4 day Smoke Pole Season in Ohio
With many deer passed up the first three days, looking for that dream buck...
Dan and I cut loose the final day!
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Steve Beckwith - Ohio
December 30th, 2006 10:30 AM  Last Day of season
Thompson Center Black Diamond Smoke Pole
80 pound Button Buck
Steve Beckwith - Ohio
December 30th, 2006 11 AM  Last Day of season
Thompson Center Black Diamond Smoke Pole
90 pound Doe
With a little help from our farmer friend Warren
Dan's buck was an easy drag back to the pick up!
Dan Rosa - Ohio
December 30th, 2006   Last Day of season
8 point buck - 140 lbs
4 day  Muzzle Loader Season 
Improvising to get our deer rinsed out, we took to the river and this old steel bridge, giving each deer their rinsing before the trip home!
Open Firearm Season Begins! Oct 28,2006
Rain, Rain 50 MPH Winds For Opening Day
Dennis Theriault - Sanford, Me
First Deer taken with muzzleloader - Doe at about 80 yards in the neck. 
154 lbs. Certified Scale 
That deer is HUGE!!!! Congratulations!
I bet that is a B.P. Maine Record Doe!?
Shawn Leighton - Dover-Foxcroft
8 Pointer, 155 lbs, shot at 7:45 am 
Oct. 28  zone 17 Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.
Shot with a 25-06 at 40 yards
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Cheyenne Wagner - Lebanon, Maine
Nov 4th, 2006
Button Buck .. with father, Jay, in a buddy stand to watch the event unfold!
 30-06 and 150 grain ballistic tips about a 35 yard shot
Great Job .. My Turkey Hunting Pal!!!
We'll Post them Here!
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Steve Beckwith - N Berwick, Maine
Nov 4th, 2 PM - Bonus Antlerless Tag Filled!
135 lb Doe - .308 at 30 yards
Called in with Rattling Horns
Glen Quimby - Sanford, Maine
Weighed 98lbs Shot with 30-06 - 30 yards
 11-4-06 at 3 P.M..
(Hey Glen.. Thanks for hauling out my deer on your 4 wheeler! 
You saved my back.. I am old! LOL ...  Steve B.)
 Dustin Johnson - Kennebunk, Maine
Shot 11-4-06 in dover-foxcroft

More to Come! 
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Rodney Plaisted (age 15) - Lebanon Maine
November 4, 2006
144 lb 3 Pointer 1 antler is broken off 
First deer

I first saw the deer at about 7:30 that saturday morning I fired 3 shots at it. We found no blood trail or even hair. But I was still sure I had hit it. I  went back home to warm up a little. I went back out at 12:30 that afternoon and I was walking through the woods with my dad, he told me to walk a little further down the trail. I walked about 50 yards from him to see the buck laying down looking at me I was about 20 feet away from it and I shot it where it layed.

Congratulations Rodney! Way to stay on that trail and locate that deer!

Dean Hewitt Johnson, Vermont
Shot in Bristol ME on 11/2 
7pts 165 lbs. Second shot dropped it 5 feet from where I sat. 
Rick Willis - Eliot , Maine 
 30-06 Called it in from bed at 100 Yds.to 35 yards with trutalker grunt call. Weighed 182 dressed and was an 8 pointer
Nice job Rick! Congrats!
 Harry Horning. (70 years old)   Stetson, ME. 
NOV. 6th 2006  7point 201pounds
1 shot at 110 yards

Second 200 pounder in 3 years.
Congrats Harry!

 Gerard Camire - Sanford,Maine 
It was a 4pt. and weight 119lbs. 

Kurt Datsis - York Maine
 This deer was rattled in and shot from a treelounge tree stand with a Thompson Center Encore 50 cal black power rifle at 60 yards. 
Who says they don't grow big deer in southern Maine.

Very Nice! That is one I was looking for! (Just Kidding!)
Congrats Kurt!

Aaron Henderson - Camden, Maine 
Shot this deer at 8:00 am on Nov 11th.  This is the same date 
(exactly), time (within 5 mins), from the same stand, with the same gun 
(7mm-08) and place (within 5 feet) that I shot my 2004 buck.  This buck 
weighted 165 lbs.  That buck weighed 165 lbs.  But this boy has some 
headgear!  Biggest racked buck I have shot.  8 major points and one one 
inch nub and a split tine.  Heart shot.  25 yard recovery.
Super Job Aaron! Nice Buck!!!
Jake Doucette age 16 - Berwick,Maine
 100 pound doe that he shot with his 30-06 from 15 yards away
his 6th deer! 
Congratulations Jake!
Steve Theriault - Sanford, Maine
Nov. 15, 2006 
8 pointer - 173 pounds
Phillip Shaw - Etna, Maine
223 lbs.  10 points. Shot it 7 A.M
Bill Pedley-(Wild Bill) Carmel,Maine
 Sat Nov. 11 at 4:30 pm
9 pointer.  He dressed at 185 lbs.
  Ma's old .30.30 pulled through again. 
 Steve Brown -Sanford,Me
Nov. 18 at 2:45pm in wells. 
6pt. buck  115lbs 
Trent Theriault - Sanford, Me
November 21, 2006
6:20 am, 109 lbs 3 pointer 1 shot in the neck  30 to 50 yard shot
Congratulations  Trent! Great job!
Mark Desrochers-Shapleigh ME 
132lb. Doe Shot on Nov. 18 ,2006
Rodney Blow - Sanford, Maine
Shot in Dover Foxcroft. 
112lb doe  First deer ever!
.270 at 170 yards
Congratulations Rodney! Great job!
Dennis and Kevin Spinney - Eliot, Me
Thanksgiving Day Double 
Dennis on the right with his 55lb button buck, shot with a .308 and Kevin with his 105lb Doe, shot with his grandfathers 30-06. 
Both deer shot in Eliot around 9:00. Happy Thanksgiving!! 
And the feast begins! Congratulations !!!!
Gary Brooks -Kennebunk, Maine
Nov 25th, 2006
Kennebunkport 160lb 8 pt.
Scott Farley -West Chapman, Maine
3pt buck  30.06 1 shot
Scott's first deer!
Congratulations Scott!
Dale Doucette - Berwick,Maine
with his 160 pound 8 pointer shot on November 23 

(It's about time the old man got a nice buck good job Dad!
From Jake / his son)

Matt Mcgee - Kennebunk, Maine
shot in Dover Foxcroft
30 feet away with .270
Brian Johnson - Matt Mcgee - Justin Johnson
with Matts deer!
Photo above taken 2005 on a trail cam. 
2006 New rack looks almost identical!
This deer was harvested in same location as the camera was placed in photo on left!!!
Nathan Fenderson  - Maine
Special Season 4 point wt 162 lb 20 yd shot on the ground stalking 
Nathan Fenderson  - Northwoods Adventures TV
Maine Muzzle Loader season . Stalked up on this 5 point in his bed 60 yds one shot 50 cal Benoit MDM to the neck he never got out of his bed. 
Wt 156 lb 
Jared Lank, 150 pound spike horn, shot on youth day at 80
yards, with a 7-08
Phil Lank, 180 pound 8 pointer, shot at 200 yards with a
 Nathan Winchell - Lebanon Maine
190 pound 9 pointer shot in Shapleigh
Nate you must still be in a Blurr! Congratulations!
 Greg Weymouth - Milford Maine.
8 point buck   Harvested November 11th at 0830 with a 30-06. 
Shot from 25 yards away.  Weight 165lbs. 
On leave from Air Force, enroute to Korea.
Shooting like that...I sure am glad you Weymouth boys are on our side!
Thanks Guys for all you do! From MaineHunters.com
Jeff Trudeau - Wells, Maine
Button Buck at 18 yrds in Wells Me with a Hoyt Trykon
Got the Button Buck out that Evening and returned the next Morning and 
Got the Doe out
Jeff Trudeau - Wells, Maine
104 Lb Doe
Aaron Weymouth- on leave from Army on 8th month from Iraqu Bagdad my deer Its 185lbs shot with a 30-06 form 12 yard away in brush of Mildford Maine came up close  didn't go farther then 10 yards shot in organs in the sholder it pirced his heart 
Steve Beckwith - North Berwick, Maine
Smoke pole Dist 20
Button Buck   Dec 7th, 2006
Chris Cobbett - with son Dylan od the
Northwoods Adventures TV show
The buck was taken in Norway, Maine
8 point and dresses about 190lb.
The awsome buck was taken near Amarillo TX by Amanda Sparling
The buck scores aound 160 as a 10 point. Best part was the whole hunt was
captured on tape and will air this fall on Northwoods Adventures TV. 
This fine deer was harvested in North Texas by Chris Calaise. The buck was shot at 200 yards and has an 8 point rack and huge body to go with it. 
This buck was taken by Chris Cobbett of Northwoods Adventures TV show just outside Amirillo TX. The buck is an 8 point scoring mabey 120 class. Look for this buck to air this fall. 
This massive buck was taken in South Carolina by Chris Cobbett. The deer
was taken in Orangburg county on August 18, three days into gun season.
Best part was Chris's son Dylan was there for the whole show.
Ben Umel  - Brewer, Maine
Wishing Upon a "Buck"!
Mike Hogue- Kennebunk.Me
Dec 8th, 2006 
120lb doe  shot in Dover-Foxcroft Dec. 8 with .50 cal muzzleloader.
first deer with the smoke pole
Sorry Matt you've been HORNswaggled!
Zack Doucette - Berwick,Maine
109 lb. doe  12/8/06
 (Cutting it close this season.)
Good Job Zack!
Mike Horning - Cape Neddick ME.
Dec.7  2006
50 caliber "MDM BUCKWACKA"
Nathan Fenderson - Lebanon, Maine
New Hampshire 7 point wt 181 lb 
Northwoods Adventures TV Pro Staff - Rick Seavey  with a beautiful New Hampshire Trophy 12 point 151 lbs . 
Tyler Fenderson age 6 said Uncle Rick could sit on his stand seeing how he had to go to school.
He was all smiles when Dad and Uncle Rick showed him this awesome buck!
Russell Johnson - Wells, Maine - 2006 
Michael Johnson and Russell Johnson both cousins from wells maine the buck was shot by Russell on right, his first buck!
177lbs. 8 points shot with a 243 single shot!
It was a joint effort .....
Michael helped Russell with the field dressing. Great job guys!
 Dennis & Trent Theriault - Sanford, Maine
December 9th, 2006
Trent's 108 lbs  Dad's is 66 lbs 
A pair of last day does!
 Tom Lemay w/ son Jeff -Sanford, Maine 
Shot Nov. 18th 2006. 8 pt. 160 pounds
Andrew Guillemette- age 13- Sanford,Maine 
1st deer, 1st year hunting, 
6 pt. 163 pounds, shot Nov. 25. 
Seen here with friend Jeff Lemay.
Ed Pepin - Leeds, Maine
Shot this buck on 11/14/06.Torential down pour.Almost
didn't go out. Buck was with a doe and was rutting hard. Had a split ear,was
snapping rubbed trees in half. Went to spot after shot and I could actually
smell him. 
Ed Pepins,  future hunting buddy, Garrett.
This is what Ed live for!  (And rightly so! )
Thanks and great web sight! Keep up the good work.
Ed Pepin.
P.S. Buck was shot in Leeds,after my cousin Marc Dube said to check out the
spot. Thanks,Cousin!
Don Sayward - Wells
120lb doe shot the second to last day of the season. 
First deer with a muzzle loader.
Nathan Fenderson - Lebanin, Maine
10 point 188 lb 
Maine Bow hunters Blip Program in Wells   called him in to 8 yds with the Extreme Dimensions Game call . The deer was over 400 yds away when I first got a look a look at him . I turned the volume all the way up and gave it a whirl 30 minutes later he was broadside at 8 yds smelling my scent wick ! 
Brandon Gastia - Milford,Maine 
Shot this 15 point buck after he called him in with a grunt call from his tree stand at appx. 100 yrd's at  4:00 pm in the afternoon. He downed the buck with one shot from his 30-06 model 7600 carbine with 180 grain pointed soft point a little high striking him in the back bone dropping him in his tracks.The buck is a typical 10 pointer but has two one and a half inch points at the base of the horns on one side and three on the other, it weighed 190 lbs respectively and was 2 hrs dragging him out in complete darkness.
Congratulations Brandon! I hope you made Dad do all the dragging!