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Do you like to write about hunting and the outdoors?  

We are looking for several Outdoor Authors & Writers for our New England Based website.  

What we are looking for is hunting stories/articles based on hunting in New England.  We want articles that pertain to our website theme, Hunting New England! ( Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, CT. Mass. or R.I. Anything to do with hunting!) We are looking for several people from each of the New England States to write seasonal articles or monthly, depending upon your time and availability.

The authors we select must have a true love of New England hunting and be willing to work for FREE! Sorry at this time we can not pay for articles. But ... What you will get is the title of MaineHunters.com Authors! We need your help to make this new website something all New England Hunters can be proud of.  New England hunters are a breed of our own and we want to hear it from you!

If accepted as a MaineHunters.com author and writer, we will need your articles submitted by e-mail in standard text format, MS Word, MS Pub, or Note Pad and photos submitted as attachments to an e-mail for your articles. All photos must be your own photos and by submitting them to us, you grant us full permissions of their use for our website and other promotional publications.  

If you would like to become an author and write for us, drop Steve Beckwith a note using his contact form located here.  Let Steve know what your State is, your writing area of expertise / knowledge in hunting, etc.  How often you would like to contribute articles and if you write for other publications or websites.  Steve will review your information and get back to you.  Don't forget to submit your e-mail address when contacting Steve using the form located here.

Thank You,


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