MH's Season Trailers

The Team brings to the TV screen.. What only a New England hunter can relate to!
We hunt like New Englanders and we call ourselves Maine Hunters...  
New England has some of the most challenging hunting opportunities in the world! Only a New Englander can understand what it is like to hunt and be successful in the North East! As New England hunters we admire your big racks from out west, but we grew up being taught that a deer's weight and putting meat on the table for our families was more important then the rack on a deer's head! A large rack is considered a bonus in New England...not a necessity! New England hunting is completely different hunting then out west, if you are from out west and can't understand what we are talking just have to hunt here to understand!
We all love to see deer and wild game photos from ANYWHERE USA, so Send us your photos and enjoy our website! 
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