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Introducing New Product Line - Scent Attack TM. Our scents have been three years in the making and we have finally mastered the formulas! Tried and proven by our Pro-Staff to be the only bear attractant you will need to bring bear in to your bait and keep them there!  Scent so powerful.. you can still smell it after a week of heavy rains. Our Pro-staff baits bear in the remote wilderness of Maine, we check our cameras and refill our bait once a week using a 55 gallon barrel of (Days Bear Bait) as their reward for finding our Scent Attack TM location which consists of everything from granola to donuts. The "Real" key for bear to locate your bait in the middle of dense forests is a powerful attractant, Scent Attack TM Formula 101 or Anise Formula will save you time & money!  Now there is no need to buy those gallons of syrups products that wash away overnight, expensive hang in the tree drip balls and no more lugging these products into your bait sites. Keep it simple with a 4 oz jar in your pocket, break off a stick as your applicator, wipe our Formula 101 or Anise Formula on four or five adjacent trees to your bait location about 4 to 6 feet off the ground, and come back in a week to find bear on your cameras. Our product works equally as well as an attractant in States that do not allow baiting but allow the use of attractants, just apply to your stand area and wait for your bear of a lifetime!  Yes.. for added attractant power, you can combine both products for use at the same is a combination bear just can not resist!


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