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 On oct. 5th 2010 my husband and I  came upon these two nice bulls fighting over a cow. They were pretty worn out as it was 65 % then at 3 pm and they had to have been at it about an hour by the looks of the scene. The fight started about 150 yards or so into the woods, and they uprooted trees as big as 3 inches thick.  The ground was all torn up and trees scared.  They would go at it and then rest a few seconds. They got into the thick saplings and went at it one last time before the winner was declared. I got just 10 sec. of video of the end. It was something I had always dreamed of seeing. Wish I had gotten better pictures.They paid no attention to us.  The winner followed the loser down the road for over a quarter mile in the last shot.  Gail Smith -Etna, Maine - See brief video clip above of fight!

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