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2013 Spring Turkey Season 

The Youth Heritage Contest Youth Day Turkey Hunt 
& The New Women in the Wilds
Turkey Hunting Contest!
This is a chance to Win one of two special hunts with the pro-staff this coming spring!
Are you a youth hunter between the ages of 10 and 15 for spring 2013? If so..enter for your chance to hunt YOUTH DAY 2013 
with Pro-staff.
If you are a women (16 to 120) that has never harvested a turkey before? This is your chance to spend a day hunting Maine spring gobblers with Maine Registered Guides, Steve & Russell Beckwith. 
This hunt is during the regular turkey hunting season in Maine.
All licenses and equipment are contestants responsibility. staff wants to encourage the hunting experience for Maine's youth and women through turkey hunting! What better way to promote women and youth into the world of hunting then to capture their first time excitement! This turkey hunting contest is FREE to the selected winners! And the best part is…it will all be on film! That’s right! The pro-staff will provide all the pre-scouting, calling, AND film your hunting experience with us! 

Do you know a youth hunter or woman that has never harvested a turkey?
Tell them about the contest! 

HERE’S HOW TO ENTER to WIN YOUR CHANCE for these two special hunts:
#1) Are you already a member of If not…you will need to register at today!  It’s free and easy! Make sure to check your e-mail after you register for the activation e-mail to complete your registration.
#2) OK...Now that you are a registered member! Log in and then check out the Members Area Menu where you will find the official registration form link for the Youth & Women contest! 
#3) Fill out the registration form completely and write or copy and paste 2–3 paragraphs explaining why "you" would like to go turkey hunting with the pro-staff! We also require one photo of each person entering this contest, this photo can be creative! The person entering contest must be in photo and must be hunting or fishing related, IE: a past photo of you with harvested game or dressed in camo or holding a firearm, at the range or fishing pole. etc. (All photos will be displayed on our website after submitted, your written portion will not be displayed prior to announcing of the two winners!)
Entries must be received prior to before APRIL 1st 2013!  Your entry will be reviewed by our pro-staff and one person for each category will be selected based on the your essay and creativity of your photo submitted! It’s that simple!

Other important information! Please read carefully :
 This hunt is to introduce youth and women to the wild outdoors! It is a 100% non-profit contest, it is free to enter and there are no financial obligations for the winners besides required licenses and fees associated with Maine licensing. will not profit financially in any way through means of this contest.  
- A pre-hunt meeting will be held, under aged contest winners will be asked to attend accompanied by a parent/guardian, to go over the turkey hunt and what is expected, a parent or assigned guardian will accompany the youth on the actual hunt as well. We will discuss with the parents and their youth hunter about safety, ethics, filming a hunt and also… meet our staff for your hunt. 
- On your scheduled day of hunting, each contest winner will need to bring the following items: a weapon of choice (firearm or bow that is legal in respect to State of Maine turkey hunting regulations, ammunition, camouflage pants, shirt, jacket, hat and mask or face-paint, weather appropriate gear, insect repellent, and quality boots! You must provide proof of hunting license and proper turkey permits. 
- Pro-staff will provide there pre-scouted hunting locations/camera gear/calls/decoys/and transportation for the morning! Successful hunters, will pay to tag your turkey at a local tagging station for you! What a deal…Huh!?
- Plenty of video and photos will be taken with throughout the day with our cameras and yours!
- All Video/and photos submitted or taken during this hunt become the property of By accepting to take part as a winner of this contest, you are agreeing to these terms! (We will create an edited copy of any video footage and photos for your personal use!) 
-, or it’s pro staff members, and any landowner involved in the youth turkey hunt will NOT be held liable for ANY inconveniences you or your child may face during any part of this hunt.
- There is no guarantee on successfully harvesting a turkey on this hunt but, our Pro-Staff will certainly do our best to make sure you have a memorable day with our staff!

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