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Harvest six (6) Easterns in any six New England States in any one year! Send us all six photos, dates, State & Town harvested, Name, Address and we'll send you a Official Certificate!
Good Luck To all That Complete our challenge!
(This is not a sanctioned "SLAM" by any sanctioned organization. It is merely a challenge we here at initiated for turkey hunters looking for a new challenge in the North East! )

Pro-Staff Steve Beckwith - Completes his Yankee Slam for 2008

Maine 2008

New Hampshire 2008

Mass #1 2008

Mass. #2 2008

Vermont 2008

Maine Fall Archery 2008



2010 Steve Beckwith Completes the Yankee Slam again... Plus 1 


Mass. 2010

Mass. 2010

NH -2010 

Maine 1 - 2010

Maine 2- 2010

Maine Fall Archery 2010

NH Fall Archery 2010l 

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